Water Projects in South Africa

We have sponsored and obtained grants and donations to fund the engineering and construction of wells and water supply to the elderly and refugees living in Ngara Tanzania, just east of the border between Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.  Working with and through the Seeds of Light organization, we provided the needed source of water for bathrooms, gardens, irrigation, cooking and sanitation. Before this project, villages had to bring water in 55-gallon barrels from 15 miles away as their village had no water supply.

Renovation of Schools in India

Mendham Rotary Club joined with the Dhule Crossroad Rotary Club in Dhule India to obtain a global grant to renovate the Kundane School and the S.V. School in the Dhule area.



Mendham’s Maggie Doyne’s Foundation, “BlinkNow”, established to educate and house children in Nepal, holds a special place in the hearts of Mendham Rotary.  We support this great humanitarian project and are delighted when we receive visits from the children and the directors of BlinkNow.

Habitat for Humanity


Rotary International and Habitat for Humanity International have partnered in a collaboration for local clubs to work at local service projects for affordable home construction and repair.  Our members have worked on sites provided by Morris Habitat for Humanity.

Arbor Day


On the last Friday in April, our members worked with shovels and in the dirt to plant trees throughout public parks in our community.

Gift of Knowledge

Third graders in the Mendham Township and Borough Schools welcome us every year when we go to their classrooms and handout their individual age appropriate dictionaries and inform them about our Rotary accomplishments.

Playground Restoration


In 2019, our club joined Mendham Township in the restoration of the Ralston Playground.  We obtained grants and donations for the installation of park benches.

Guatemala Water Filter Project

The Rotary Club of the Mendhams collected funds that were used to provide  water filters for needy families in Guatemala. Club members made the trip to Guatemala and assisted with assembly and installation of the filters.

Chickens and Chicken Coops


To help feed the poor in East Africa, Mendham Rotary obtained a grant and donated funds for chicken coops capable of housing 100 chickens and for the purchase of chickens.  The eggs will provide a much needed source of protein.

Gaga Ball Pit

We obtained a grant to purchase a Gaga Ball Pit for the school playground at Sutton Elementary School in Braxton County, West Virginia.  The Gaga Ball Pit allows children of all athletic abilities to play games with a ball in a contained area, while developing their athletic skills.

Exchange Students

European Exchange Students seeking to attend high school in Mendham have been sponsored and housed by our Rotary Club and its members.

Community Service Organizations


Our Rotary Club routinely provides charitable donations for local community soup kitchens, interfaith food pantry, and a NJ Battered Women’s Services organization.

Fire of 2017


To help victims of the Sonoma, California fire tragedy in which many families were displaced from their home, and lost everything, our members working through the Sonoma Rotary Foundation raised funds to benefit those affected by the Fire of 2017 and the fire’s first responders.

Cell Phone, Medical Supply and School Collection

Members of our club have conducted drives to collect cell phones, medical supplies and school supplies for needy families in Morris County.